Top Ten Marathon Winners Hold the Dias and more!

Yet another wonderful aspect about most city and state level marathons, is that there is an exciting fistful of prize money in store for you, not just on account of being the winner, but even featuring amongst the top 10 runners up. So this is one sport that really pays off if you train well. And unlike other forms of sprint racing that need you to be highly agile, swift and of a certain body type, this is an area where runners of all age groups and body types can get enrolled for.

The building up of stamina, strength and ability to keep up the slow pace all through the race comes with practice, and doesn’t require as much hardcore professional training as other forms of competitive running required. But remember, this is not meant to belittle the art of marathon racing or to imply that it has nothing challenging involved. On the contrary, it is one of the most challenging sports ever.

All we’re saying is that anybody can take part, it doesn’t bind you with any kind of unnecessary challenges in the beginning itself and you can be a terrible runner, but still qualify to take part and one day hope to win the attractive prize, if you participate consistently and gain sizeable experience. Indeed the best competitive sport to begin with, for amateurs!

Marathons across the Globe

Be it the much-famed Chevron Houston Marathon that has limited participation, yet gives out prizes to a total of 14 contestants- the first 7 male and the first 7 female runners, or the much grander BMW Berlin Marathon which is held with great pomp and splendor with massive sponsorships, prize money that goes all the way up to 8-digit figures (yes, indeed unbelievable it is) or the additional bonuses for top finishers, there are so many marathon events across the globe that would surely inspire you to get that lazy ass of yours off the couch, don on the running shoes and get going.

Several reputed surveys have gotten a mixed response so as to how participants have viewed their signing up for these events, some of them being in it for the sheer volume of prize money, others for the glamour and media attention and yet others for just reviving their own health and fitness in the long run.