The Grandest Prizes for Marathon Winners that’ll awe you!

For beginners who have just set foot in the competitive realm of marathon races, the biggest motivational factor to build on their sports caliber is often the amazing range of prizes involved. Of course, a major chunk of us tend to participate only for fun, or just revamp our fitness schedules with some variety and diversity, there are indeed several enthusiasts who plunge into this competitive sport only with their focus on the grand prize.

How Big is the Prize Money?

Well, from an outsider’s point of view, the prize money awarded for marathon winners might not be sky-high, and could seem to be only at par with certain other sports that require similar levels of fitness and sportsmanship caliber. But what would be interesting to note here, is that the winner (and in many cases, even the first and second runners up) are not just facilitated with the award money, but the sum total of various other chunks of remuneration such as sponsorship fees, various kinds of bonuses and even appearance fees in many cases. The higher the number of brands and companies that are sponsoring and promoting the marathon, the greater are your chances of earning bigger bucks when you are declared as the winner of the event. And then of course, there is that great deal of media publicity that most major marathons enjoy, as opposed to so many other sports that are just forced to remain obscure owing to lack of media focus.

Register for your City Marathon now!

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