GPF Granda Registrations: All you need to know!

There is a lot of know-how that’s essential for you to assimilate prior to signing up for GPF Granada, and this is definitely a place that will yield all the information that you require. So, right from the registration starter kits and regulations, to the various tests that are mandatory, the inscriptions, classifications, punctuation and various access avenues, this is most certainly the place that you can absolutely rock with your athletic capabilities and running prowess. Just so you know, the test runs are distributed on a geographical basis, and involves various facets of marathon running as ordained in the terms and conditions booklet that you will receive upon registration.

A Sporting Event Bigger than ever…

What gives this grand sporting events all the more impetus, is the fact that there are multinational sponsors involved, such as Coca Cola, Merca Granada, Nestle Aquarel, Body Global Training, Bikila, Bionika Sport, Clinica Menorca. Galan Electronics, Motor DOS, Jeep, Allianz, Nutricion Herbalife, Deportes Lider, Bikila, Deportes Inter-Sports and Cruz Camp to name just the top ones. Apart from these names, there are also several small and medium sized organizations that pitch into these events at a local level. Overall, it is a win-win situation for the sponsors, organizers and the participants. As the sponsors don their marketing genius hat and pour in the requisite funds, the organizers not only find it easier to register maximum number of participants but also can promise lucrative prize sums for the top ten winners or so. In this way, there is a great deal of media attention that gets catapulted into the event, and all of the three entities find themselves winning at some level or the other.